Welcome to rights: applied, the home of Multi-Track Accountability Solutions.

rights: applied is a boutique destination for policy advice, litigation and advocacy support from international lawyer Oliver Windridge. At rights: applied Oliver practices a multi-track accountability approach, strategising and building tailored accountability solutions based on country, situation, violation, and preferred partner outcomes. Oliver works with country and issue experts, individuals and civil society partners on cases and projects. Read more about current partners below.

About Oliver

Oliver Windridge is an international lawyer with over 15 years’ experience specialising in international human rights, international criminal law, anti-corruption, business and human rights and global sanctions regimes across six continents.

A qualified solicitor in England and Wales (non-practicing), Oliver spent over seven years of his early career as a legal officer at the United Nations, working in the trial and appeals chambers at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Since leaving the UN, Oliver has launched a successful practice as independent counsel, consultant and advisor to numerous civil society organisations, bar associations, regional bodies and individuals. Learn more about Oliver’s work in international criminal law, international human rights law, business and human rights, global sanctions regimes and anti-corruption.

rights: applied is the trading name of Oliver Windridge.

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Current partners

Its important to note that rights: applied doesn’t have “clients”. Instead Oliver works in collaboration and partnership with a number of civil society organisations, bar associations, regional bodies and individuals to deliver accountability solutions that fit partners needs. For security reasons, not all partners wish to be identified, but partners include:

Global Rights Compliance

Oliver is also a member of:

List of Counsel (Pro Bono), African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights
List of Assistants to Counsel (Defence and Victims), International Criminal Court
List of Consultants, Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia 

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